Why Buy A Dreadnought?

When you buy one of my wallets, you are not buying a mass-made product. I make every single one myself, and to demonstrate that I put together a video documenting the build process of a bifold wallet, start to finish.

This is more of an homage to my hand tools and my techniques than an actual documentary of the process,  but it shows how much goes into just one item.

Quality Materials
American Glazed Alligator

Any piece is only as good as the materials put into it, and for that reason I stick to the best and most trusted names in the leather industry.

My preferred leathers to work with are usually Italian vegetable-tanned cowhide from Conceria Walpier and Badalassi Carlo, French goat skin from Alran, and the unique beauty of American glazed alligator from American Tanning & Leather in Georgia.

Quality Workmanship
Hand-Stitched Leather

While machines certainly have their place (I have quite a few, and couldn't do what I do without them), there is nothing that can replace the experienced eye of the craftsman.

Everything I do is hand assembled, hand stitched, and hand finished. This results in a meticulously crafted product that not only I am proud of, but you will be too.

Quality Products
Hand Made Leather Wallet Stitching

I work hard to make sure my designs are not only functional, but also beautiful. If I make something, it is because I personally find it aesthetically pleasing, and I try not to compromise on this whenever possible.

Leather, as a material, offers a wide mix of color and texture that can be blended together into something exceptional. To me, this is my favorite part of what I do.

Customer Testimonials
  • "I couldn't be more happy with my Dreadnought bifold. The leather is beautiful. The stitching is very neat and compliments the leather color. After six months of hard use it is still looking wonderful. I smile every time I pull it out."     - Jason, Charlotte NC

  • "Over a year ago, I received the perfect gift of a Dreadnought bifold. Until that time, I had never owned such an exceptionally well-crafted and durable wallet. Every day, I enjoy the beauty and functionality of Wyatt’s craftsmanship, because of my daughter’s thoughtfulness."     - Dr. Data, Richmond, VA

  • "I have the privilege of owning a Dreadnought Leather wallet - a variant of the British Racing Green bifold Mr. Moadus was kind enough to customize to fit my specifications. Mr. Moadus was professional and prompt in all our communications, and his craftsmanship is exceptional. You absolutely cannot go wrong with a Dreadnought Leather product."     - Simon, London England

  • "In the past 2 years my Dreadnought Leather wallet has been with me to see the bottom of an oil pipeline trench, nuclear power plants, ship boilers, skyscrapers and every piece of American back road in between. At this point, I'm fairly certain it's going to outlast me."     - Rob, Charleston SC

  • "My son gave your handmade wallets as gifts to myself and his two brothers this Christmas. I’m sure you know you make a high quality product, but I wanted to let you know that it’s the finest wallet I’ve ever owned."     - JW

  • "Purchased my first Dreadnought 2 pocket card wallet in May of 2016 and am still in love with it. Not a loose stitch on it and it's getting just the right, broken in, bomber jacket look to it. Always feel a little pride when I take it out to make a purchase. I was just gifted another Dreadnought card wallet of black walnut calfskin with a tanning date of May 1969 on it. Very cool indeed. Saving it for special occasions because I just cant bear to be without my original right now. Thank you Wyatt, your craftsmanship is outstanding."     - Tim, Natick MA

  • "The best wallet I could ever find, very well presented box, then I tried with all my items and fits perfectly, slimmer than I thought. The leather feels amazing, the finishes much better than Coach and Montblanc wallets (And believe me, I have them both). Mr. Wyatt Moadus, surely you made a great job with this wallet, I salute you Sir! My best review ever!"     - Ben, Mexico City

  • "I received my wallet late yesterday afternoon and could not be any happier with my purchase. It looks even better in person and am sure it will continue to gain additional character with regular use. I have searched for a considerable amount of  time for a sleek, sophisticated and functional design such as yours. I don't remember exactly how I came across the Dreadnought website, but am glad I did. "     - Mark, CA