Tri-Color Himalayan Alligator Bifold Ensemble


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Dimensions: 3″ x 4″ Folded
Capacity: 4-6 Cards, Papers, Etc.
Materials: Tri-Color French Goatskin, White Himalayan Alligator

Once in a while I just get an idea that bugs me and bugs me until I break down and make it, if only to evict it from my thoughts. This is one of those wallets.

I really enjoy working with color and figuring out clever ways to pair them together. Two colors is easy, three colors is difficult, and more than that is a real chore but for whatever reason I just knew I had to do this.

This little mid wallet makes use of three colors of Alran chevre (Orange, Ivory, and Colibri) arranged in a striped pattern, has a stark white Himalayan alligator exterior, and uses a dusky blue thread to tie it all together. Frankly, I think it worked out great!

There are some small details on this wallet that I am very proud of. One of them worth pointing out is the striated edge paint on the interior edges of the card slots. All of them come together to create a true conversation piece.

Like all of my products this is hand stitched in polyester thread. Edges are finished in a warm gray to match and accent the colors of the Himalayan alligator and bring more attention to that.

Included with the wallet is a matching keychain, with the tri-color on one side and a piece of Himalayan flank on the other.

This is a complete and ready to ship item. All items ship via USPS Priority Mail with full insurance.

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