Testa Moro Mid Wallet


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Dimensions: 3″ x 4″
Capacity: 6-8 Cards, Business Cards/Papers, Some Bills
Materials: Taupe Dollaro & Buttero, Testa Moro Matte Alligator

I first used this combination of colors and materials when making a wallet to send over to Walletopia for a review in early 2020. Since that video was published I have had numerous requests to duplicate it and decided that it deserves to have its own listing to make that much easier for people.

This wallet uses a combination of Taupe Dollaro and Buttero, both Italian vegetable tanned leathers from Conceria Walpier in Tuscany. The Dollaro is a textured printed version of the Buttero and it gets used to nice effect as an accent in the center of the two card banks. The exterior is Testa Moro alligator in a matte finish from American Tanning & Leather. It is hand stitched with an accenting copper-colored polyester thread, and can be personalized with a foil stamp if you would like.

Like my standard offering of the mid wallet design, this wallet features four card slots and two hidden slots, one beneath each bank of cards. This wallet will easily carry 6-8 cards and bills or papers folded up in the hidden slots beneath. There is no billfold on the exterior. Folded, this wallet measures approximately 3″ x 4″ so it is quite compact for how much it can carry.

This is a great little wallet for someone who needs to carry more cards than would fit comfortably in a more minimalist design, and are looking for something understated and classy. The alligator exudes elegance, and the taupe interior accents it perfectly without speaking too loudly. It is the kind of wallet that needs a second look to really appreciate, and I hope you’ll give it the consideration it deserves.

For alligator wallets, scale pattern selection is done at the time of making the wallet and is dependent on the skins I have available at that specific moment. I cannot guarantee matches or specific placement of scales due to the variable nature of alligator hides so, despite being made from the same material or even from the same hide, there will be differences between each wallet. The photos that you see here are examples of wallets I have made previously with this color of alligator and, at least as far as the scale pattern selection goes, is not 100% representative of what you will receive. If you have a preference as to the size or type of scales you would like, please specify that as clearly as you can in your order and I will do what I can to make that happen.

Depending on my queue at the time, it takes me on average 3-4 weeks to fulfill an order. This length of time can be longer if I have a lot of orders ahead but I try to keep my customers appraised of how long they can expect to wait to receive their wallet. When completed, I ship via USPS Priority Mail with insurance.

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