Summer Yellow Alligator Card Wallet, Double Sided


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Dimensions: 3″ x 4″
Capacity: 4-6 Cards
Materials: Yellow Matte Alligator, Yellow Chevre Lining

Just in time for summer! This wallet is just one of a set of four brightly colored pieces that I have done to commemorate the arrival of my favorite season. If you find yourself seeking an appropriately themed accessory for warm days, one of these might be what you need!

This particular wallet is made entirely with yellow matte alligator. I arranged various pieces of tail and neck to find scales that best mimicked the gentle scallop and curved shape of the wallet design.

The wallet is double-sided, meaning it has two card slots on each side and will easily hold 4-6 credit cards. It is hand stitched with matching yellow polyester thread and painted edges.

Each card slot is lined on the backside with yellow goatskin for a smoother draw of your cards.

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