Van Stripes – Retro Style Colors




    Should the wallet have an external billfold for carrying cash, or just be for cards only?


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This colorway was inspired by the patterns on vintage vans from the 70’s and 80’s. It features a five-tone color pattern that uses Italian Buttero to transition through brown, chestnut, orange and yellow, and is topped off with a white accent stitch. Maybe you don’t remember smashing High Life down by the lake after school (or during school) and buying gas for 40 cents a gallon, but hey, you can pretend. For anyone who appreciates unique retro styling, this wallet is for you regardless of whether you lived it or not.

1970s van stripes

Many people find carrying a traditional bifold difficult because of the size, but also have trouble with the minimalist approach with other slim wallets or card wallets. For lots of storage in a small package, the mid wallet form factor is worth considering.

This wallet folds down to a size of only 3″ x 4″, and still has room for eight cards, two hidden card slots, and a billfold for carrying cash. Bills must be folded in half due to the small size of the wallet, but that is a small price to pay for the compact package.

The wallet shown has an exterior billfold but this is optional. If you choose to order the wallet without a billfold, cash will fit behind the hidden pockets if folded twice. When folded in half, the bills will peek out from the edge a little bit. I use my personal wallet with the billfold and carry business cards and less-often used plastic cards in the hidden slots, but how you use your wallet is up to you.

Buttero’s dense grain allows it to polish and burnish into something truly beautiful, especially as it wears!

Every wallet is hand made from start to finish. I cut, assemble, stitch and finish these wallets myself. It takes me, on average, around 8-10 hours to complete a single wallet if I am working on just one at a time. Consequently, it takes me a bit of time to complete my orders, so please allow 4 weeks for delivery after placing an order. Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail with insurance. International customers, please contact me to arrange shipping details.