Mid Century Wallet


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Dimensions: 3″ x 4″ Folded
Capacity: 4-8 Cards, Papers, Etc.
Materials: Cream & Olive Chevre, Dark Brown Lizard Skin

I spent some time in Austin, Texas not too long ago and was quite taken by some of the Mid-Century Modern interior design I saw there. A few locations stood out to me, maybe you can recognize them from my photos:

In particular I love the way the brass accents run throughout the various color mixes, and that was an idea I took home with me. Simply mixing the colors together wouldn’t be enough; it needed that splash of metallic brass to complete the look. Sleeping on it for a night or two, I came up with an idea that I thought would work and couldn’t wait to get home to try it.

By using my creasing iron with the same hot foil tape I would normally use for stamping initials, I was able to replicate the style of the brass accents with a foil crease, just across the tops of the card slots. Together with the olive and cream chevre, it produced the look I desired.

This is my standard mid wallet design but obviously done up with a bit of style. The fully-lined cream and olive goatskin pockets allow for a smooth slide of your cards in and out, and are sized generously enough to allow this wallet to carry 4-8 cards in addition to papers, business cards or anything else you’d like to fit in the two hidden pockets beneath. All this folds down to just 3″ x 4″ in your pocket.

It was not enough for the inside to be special; the outside needed something too. For that, I used a piece of rich brown glazed lizardskin for a bit of shine and texture.

And then finally, to pull together all of the colors that had so inspired me, a pop of orange-red thread throughout. This is of course hand-stitched polyester thread, which will afford longevity while also lending beauty to the overall styling.

While I know this will not cater to everyone’s tastes, it certainly caters to mine. Maybe it will speak to you, also!

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