Horween Color No. 8 Shell Snap Wallet


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Dimensions: 3″ x 4″ Folded
Capacity: 6-8 Cards, Folded Bills
Materials: Horween Color No. 8 Shell Cordovan

I love snap wallets, always have. They’re fun to make and very interesting in both a visual and tactile sense. At least once a year I task myself with designing and making one but it’s been a long time since I came up with something I liked. For this one though, I set myself some very specific guidelines to follow: it had to carry at least 6-8 cards, have a snap that was protected (ie, no metal contact against the cards), must fit folded bills and also be as compact as possible. That’s easier to say than to design but nonetheless I gave it a go and ended up being terrifically pleased with the outcome.

I ended up liking it so much, in fact, that I committed to making the first production model out of some beautiful and classic Horween Color No. 8 shell cordovan.

This design makes use of a few design elements that I have always admired. To accommodate the necessary number of cards, part of the wallet is made with an accordion style gusset that lets the card pocket expand and contract freely as cards are added or removed. A turn-down fold where the stud attaches serves both aesthetically and functionally, as this is what allows the snap to be set without contacting the cards underneath and wearing them prematurely. I have become much more critical of metal-on-card wear after seeing a friend’s Ridge wallet completely destroy his credit cards, which is not something you ever hear of in all their advertising!

I haven’t overstuffed one of these yet but it will hold 6-8 cards with ease and probably could do 10-12 with some break in time. Even with this large capacity, the footprint of the wallet stays at roughly 3″ x 4″, but obviously the thickness is going to vary depending on how many cards you’ve got in there. When new it tends to sit a bit proud in the pocket but I would expect once broken in by your pocket it should compress down to around 1/2″ thick, which keeps it in the average range of a shell bifold or something equivalent.

One of the other important things I wanted this wallet to have was a quick access card slot on the rear. More and more people have been asking me to implement these and after carrying the prototype for a bit myself I can see why they like them. Initially I experimented with a thumb slot back here but found it didn’t work as well as I’d hoped so I settled on a deep coverage slot with the top poking out on the curve of the fold, which protects it fully but also makes it easy to grasp.

In addition to those extra carrying spaces, it still features a dedicated billfold. Due to the small size of the wallet you will still have to fold your bills once to stow them here, but that is a price worth paying to keep the overall footprint so compact, just roughly 3″ x 4″ when folded.

Behind the card slot pockets is a wide flap open on the top and left, which lets you side load folded bills into the wallet. It is sized generously enough to make them easy to stow and remove, but also holds them securely due to the residual tension of the wallet.

Like all of my wallets, this one is hand stitched with a golden tan polyester thread. Edges are burnished to a natural finish and waxed to showcase the beauty of the Horween Shell cordovan.

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