Harvest Rose with Horween Hatchgrain Shell Cordovan Double-Sided Card Wallet


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Dimensions: 3″ x 4″
Capacity: 4-6 Cards
Materials: Horween Hatchgrain Shell Cordovan, Chestnut and Rose Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather

This wallet is one from a set of four Harvest and Autumn themed card wallets. For those of you excited to see the tail end of Summer, these might be for you.

I was inspired by a photo a friend posted of his farm showing the Autumn sunrise and was taken by the beauty of the brown and pink hues evident throughout. I chose these colors to represent the dark shadowed appearance of the land, growing light as it spreads towards the horizon and finally illuminated under the pink morning sky. The deep brown of the Horween Chestnut Shell Cordovan combines beautifully with the rich, warmer colors of the Buttero above it.

Measuring in at roughly 3″ x 4″, it features four card slots with two on each side and is ideally suited for light carry needs. It can hold 4-6 cards with ease and is thin enough to disappear inside a pocket without the bulk usually associated with larger wallets.

Like all of my wallets, it is fully hand-stitched with chestnut colored polyester thread, and has edges burnished and waxed to a fine shine.

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