Glazed Irish Blue & Marine Saffiano Mid Wallet


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Dimensions: 3″ x 4″
Capacity: 6-8 Cards, Business Cards/Papers, Some Bills
Materials: Marine Saffiano, Irish Blue Glazed Alligator

This was initially a request for a matched pair of wallets that very quickly became one of my most frequently requested color schemes, and with good reason.

Not only is the mid wallet design extremely popular and functional in its own right, American Tanning’s Irish Blue glazed alligator is simply stunning and looks good just about anywhere. Put the two together, throw in the classic hatchgrain pattern of Alran’s Saffiano goatskin, and you have a winner.

The glazed finish on this alligator is actually a burnish, achieved by polishing the hide under an agate stone on a machine called a glazing jack. This creates a smooth, dense and incredibly glossy finish.

Like my standard offering of the mid wallet design, this wallet features four card slots and two hidden slots, one beneath each bank of cards. This wallet will easily carry 6-8 cards and bills or papers folded up in the hidden slots beneath. There is no billfold on the exterior. Folded, this wallet measures approximately 3″ x 4″ so it is quite compact for how much it can carry.


If you are looking for something incredibly eye-catching and also functional, this is a fantastic option.

Depending on my queue at the time, it takes me on average 3-4 weeks to fulfill an order. This length of time can be longer if I have a lot of orders ahead but I try to keep my customers appraised of how long they can expect to wait to receive their wallet. When completed, I ship via USPS Priority Mail with insurance.


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