Chestnut & Green Alligator Slim Mid Wallet

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If you’re looking for a slim way to carry 4 or more cards and occasionally a few bills, then you might like this little wallet.

A variation on my usual Mid Wallet design, this particular wallet does away with the external billfold and keeps it minimal with just the four card slots and two hidden slots beneath them. This allows you to comfortably carry a good number of cards, as well as bills, papers and business cards behind them, but without the bulk associated with a traditional wallet. It makes these ideal for back pocket carrying (that’s how I carry my own).

This wallet is made with Italian Buttero vegetable tanned leather in rich chestnut, and is backed with a piece of deep green American Alligator tail with a gloss glazed finish on the outside. It is 100% hand stitched with matching green polyester thread.

Its form factor is small, coming in at just 3″ x 4″ when folded.

This is a completed and ready to ship item. I ship via USPS Priority Mail with insurance. International buyers, please contact me to arrange purchase.