Cherry Matte Alligator Card Wallet, Double Sided


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Dimensions: 3″ x 4″
Capacity: 4-6 Cards
Materials: Cherry Matte Alligator, Whiskey Buttero Lining

The final remaining pieces of a beautiful alligator hide came together to produce this little card wallet. This cherry matte color from American Tanning is a hard one to convey in photos, with strong blue tones underpinning the red that give it an almost lipstick type color. I haven’t come across too many colors as rich as this one, and I go through a lot of alligator!

This wallet features two card slots on both sides, totaling four individual slots which will allow 4-6 cards to be carried. It measures only 3″ x 4″ and is extremely slim so it can disappear unobtrusively into a pocket, clutch or bag.  In light of how stunning the color of this alligator is, I opted to match the thread and edges to it so as not to draw undue attention away from its beauty. In fact, the only accenting color on the wallet is in a place where you will almost never see it; behind the card slots, which are fully lined in Whiskey brown Buttero.

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