British Racing Green Bifold


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Dimensions: 3 1/2″ x 4″ Folded
Capacity: 4-8 Cards
Materials: Green, Yellow, Black, Brown and Whiskey Buttero, White Chevre

There is an undeniable romance attached to the Grand Prix races of the 1950’s and 60’s, if you can look past the incredibly dangerous nature of it all. I’ve always been taken by the idea of it, especially the beauty of the machines being driven. In my opinion, none are more beautiful than those in the classic British Racing Green livery, and so I came up with this homage to that idea.

Jim Clark’s Lotus 49 at Silverstone, 1967

The Green and Gold/Yellow Lotus and Brabham cars feature striking lines and colors and I decided to pull my idea from them. A Black Number 5 is inset within a circle of White Chevre, with Yellow and Green Buttero making up the body colors surrounding the inlay. Matching hand stitches hold each piece securely down, allowing it to fold. Each of these pieces is hand cut and inlaid; nothing is painted on or cut by a machine. A green stitch line surrounds the perimeter, highlighting the slightly raised and padded back.

The racing motif continues on the interior, with the center being made of a hand-perforated Brown Buttero liner surrounded by four Whiskey Buttero card slots, mimicking the style and color pattern of an automobile interior. Up to 8 cards can be carried easily in the four slots, with the perforated decoration visible in the center between them.

This wallet folds down to just 3 1/2″ x 4″ and is extremely thin while still having good card capacity. Whether you are a racing aficionado or just like the colors, this is a wallet that will make you feel special every time you look at it.

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