Blue & Yellow Pueblo Accented Bifold


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Dimensions: 3 1/2″ x 4″ Folded
Capacity: 4-8 Cards
Materials: Blue Buttero, Yellow Pueblo

A recent commission had me revisiting an old design of mine from years ago. The outcome was good enough that I was inspired to look back through my other old designs and see if there was anything worth bringing back for a redo with the skills I have today. Lo and behold, there was one more design that I liked enough to try again.

For those who prefer horizontally stored cards, this design integrates four such card slots into a beautiful sweeping curve which opens in the center to reveal the accent liner.

The main body of the wallet is done in beautiful blue Buttero, a popular and high quality Italian vegetable tanned leather. The yellow line in Italian Pueblo leather provides a striking contrast in the center and also along the edges, where the full-length liner creates a highly visible yellow stripe among the blue layers. Like everything I make, it is completely hand stitched in yellow polyester thread.

Unlike its black and olive counterpart, this wallet omits the billfold and is strictly for holding cards. This keeps its overall thickness down leaving this wallet at only 1/8″ thick all around.

All of this comes in at a very slim 4″ x 3 1/2″ folded. This allows the wallet to remain an easy candidate for front pocket carry even when stowing cards and bills.

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