Rorschach Ring Lizard Wallet

This was a very special order to me for a few reasons. Most of my commissions go out of state or out of the country, but this particular wallet stayed right in my hometown! Not only did I get to do a personal consultation to figure out the design and materials but I also had the distinct pleasure of hand delivering the final product.

Alligator Laptop CaseImage

The customer wanted a very slim front pocket wallet and after some back and forth we settled on the mid wallet design, sans billfold. He initially wasn't looking for any exotic materials but after seeing the ring lizard in person he couldn't say no to it and gave me free reign to make something neither of us had ever seen before.

Using the flanks of the lizard hide to do the interior gave a wonderfully unique black-to-white gradient effect that makes this wallet look like the inkblot pattern of a rorschach test. A medium grey thread provides contrast against the black and the white but disappears against the mottled pattern of the exterior. The black edge paint closes it in and gives it an almost tuxedo type appearance.

Thanks are owed to Don for trusting me with such a wild concept, and for taking the time to watch me live on Youtube as I streamed the build of this wallet in its entirety.