About Dreadnought Leather

My name is Wyatt Moadus.

History was my first passion in life. Ever since I was able to, I have read everything historical that I could get my hands on, especially anything related to military or, particularly, naval history.

My second passion is working with my hands. From woodworking, to drawing, to restoring antiques, chances are I've dabbled in it. All of these things show their influence in my work today.

My interest in leatherworking is a both a form of creative expression and also an outlet for my sometimes obsessive interest in naval affairs throughout history. Just ask my girlfriend about that.

I began leatherworking as a hobby in early 2016, first making decorative furnishings for our new house, and progressing to more complicated and intricate designs from there.

It was not long after that I began to feel comfortable selling my projects to friends, family, and soon enough strangers began asking to order things as well.

The name Dreadnought Leather came from my overriding interest in old battleships and other naval vessels. I borrowed my motto from the man widely considered to be the father of the modern battleship concept, Admiral John 'Jackie' Fisher, who used the following words on his personal coat of arms:

Proudly Made in Youngstown, Ohio

Youngstown features prominently in my logo and promotional material. It is more than just a place where I live; it is a unique and integral part of the American cultural landscape, with a rich history of astronomical ups and catastrophic downs.

It is true that Youngstown has seen better days, but we stay here with the firm belief that its best days are yet to come. The glow of the blast furnaces has long since faded, but in its place is a new spirit, born of adversity and hardship, and fostered into pride and determination.

We love our city, and we are proud to call it home. It is because of this that everything I make bears the name,